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Much of this semester I have spent poking my way through Canvas working on my ECI 834 prototype.  Now that I have cocompleted the prototype-until it’s time to revise-I can really sit back and relax.


Maybe relaxing is an overstatement, but at least I can sit back and reflect for a little.

The fact that I have created a prototype that I will actually be using in my grade 10 ELA classes is the most satisfying part of the creating the prototype.  I’ve been trying for a few semester to reshape my Macbeth unit, and finding the time to get it done has always been my hangup.
Adobe SparkHaving the oppportunity to adapt my Macbeth unit for a University course assignment was exactly what I needed. Now I feel like I’ve really accomplished so much, and I feel that it will be a huge benefit to the students in  my class.

By having everything online I’ve also been able to help out a few colleagues.  I have one colleague in particular who will be teaching grade 10 English for the first time next semester.  When I sent her the link to my module she was unbelievably greatful.

Although the module took a lot of time, and was a lot of work, it has still been a very satisfying experience.  I can barely wait for May when I  begin teaching Macbeth.  I think my students reaction to the module will be it’s true test.


Mom, teacher, and student. I believe in speaking out for those whose voices remain silent, and teaching my students and my children to be the change that they want to see in the world.

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