ELA B10 Resources

Unit 1 Equity and Ethics

Subtheme:  Justice and Fairness

The Wars By: Timothy Findley (excerpt of a novel)

Poetry–First They Came, Nazis, What do I Remember from the Evacuation, Child in a Prison Camp(poetry)

“The Butterfly” By Pavel Friedman (poem)

Going-Home-to-Auschwitz by Marsha Leiderman (essay)

“The Survivor” by: Katherine Gallagher  (poem)

AfterYouAlphonse by:  Shirley Jackson (short story)

Day Work by: James Comer (short story)

The Ballad of Alice Moonchild and I lost my Talk (poetry)

Subtheme:  Degrees of Responsibility  Rights and Responsibility

“Internet is Hero’s Window” (newspaper article)

“It’s like your favorite blog, but on paper” by: Vit Wagner (article)

“Stains”  by Sharon Macfalene (short story)

what-the-defense-plant-worker-said-and-richard-cory (poetry)

The Firing Squad by: Colin Mcdougall (short story)

Subtheme:  Who and What is Right?


Burke Lauded for Support of a Gay Son

Subtheme:  Empowerment

I Have a Dream-speech by: Martin Luther King (speech/essay)

Take a Stand

Give Peace a Chance

We are all part of a larger world community. As such, we need to reflect on the elements within our world – self, family, and community as well as the natural and constructed worlds, and our influence on these and on future generations. By exploring various perspectives and our relationships with nature and constructed environments, we can examine our roles (worshipper, exploiter, master, steward, student, etc.). Through deeper understanding of ourselves, our constructed worlds, and nature, we can become agents of change who build a better world for today and for tomorrow.

English Language Arts B10: (Unit 2): The World Around and Within Us
(Perspectives; Diversity of Being; The Natural and the Constructed Worlds; Individuals and Communities; Stewardship)

Big Questions for Inquiry:

  • What are our relationships and responsibilities to the communities and environments of which we are a part?
  • How are we related to and responsible for natural and constructed environments? For technology?
  • Why is it important to be in touch with the world?
  • The world is a difficult text: how can we read it and respond to it critically?
  • How can I have a positive influence upon my world?
  • How must we show respect and care for the community of life?

Multi-Media Resources

The Story of Stuff http://www.storyofstuff.com/
– Electronics, cosmetics, water bottles

South Saskatchewan Watershed Stewards http://www.southsaskriverstewards.ca/

Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan – search stewardship http://esask.uregina.ca/search_results.html?criteria=stewardship

David Suzuki Foundation http://www.davidsuzuki.org/#

Sturgeon River Plains Bison http://www.bisonstewards.ca/ranchers.html

Operation Burrowing Owl http://www.naturesask.ca/?s=stewardship

Living by the Water CD http://www.naturesask.ca/?s=stewardship&p=livingbywater

Sweep It (with multi-media contest winners) http://www.sweepit.ca/

After exploring all of the previous sites students will choose a topic to create their Inquiry Report and Presentation on.


Literature Circle Novel Study

A Long Way Gone

The Maze Runner

The List

Between Shades of Gray

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian

The Boy in The Striped Pajamas

The Bite of the Mango